Friday, May 6, 2011

How G-spot Stimulation Helps You to Last Longer

Yes, everyone knows that G-spot stimulation is *the magic trick* to female squirting orgasm.

However, do you know that it actually helps you to last longer in bed as well?

Intrigued? Here are the hows and the whys...

Last Longer with G-spot Stimulation

G-spot is located about two inches from the entry of the vagina, at the vagina wall up close to the abdomen. The best way to stimulate G-spot is through either hand job or shallow penetration.

G Spot Video

Hand job won't help you to last longer but if you spend enough time stimulating the G-spot with your fingers, chances are you don't need to last long to bring your partner to orgasm.

Stimulating G-spot with your fingers is simple. Let your partner lie down on her back and penetrate with one or two fingers with your palm facing up.

When your fingers are about two inches inside her vagina, you can feel the G-spot muscle at your finger tips.

Now you can start stimulating the G-spot by digging with the "come here" action with your fingers (remember, you are penetrating for about two inches with your palm facing up).

The second technique to stimulate G-spot is, of course, with your penis.
All you need to do it to keep the penetration shallow (to about two to three inches). This is where smaller penis doesn't really matter because you can enjoy full penetration if your penis is three inches long.

Shallow penetration helps you to last longer

Shallow penetration actually help you to last longer while having intercourse. This is because the foreskin glide for a shorter distance with shallow penetration, hence, prolong the time required to reach ejaculation stage.

If you combine shallow penetration for G-spot stimulation with the counter stroke technique in the previous post, it is not unusual for to last twice longer than usual. Your partner will love it so much because it provides maximum stimulation to her G-spot too.

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