Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Simple Tricks on How to Stay Harder Longer

Want to stay harder and longer in bed? Try these two simple tricks that have been inherited by men in Sumatra for centuries to pleasure their women in bed.

1. Water Magic - Drink (a cup of water) an hour before sexual intercourse. The urge to urinate caused by a near full bladder will give you a rock hard erection. It will also give more sensation during the intercourse, but will it cause you to ejaculate sooner? No worries. See the next trick on how to stay harder longer and delay ejaculation.

2. Counter Strokes - Slow-In-Fast-Out. While you are on top, push in slowly. and then retract fast. This may sounds counter intuitive. Most guys are used to fast-in-slow-out or fast-in-fast-out (instinctively). But try it, your partner will feel the most intense pleasures from these counter strokes. Not only this, you will be able to last twice as long (yes! twice) with counter strokes. This secret works like magic.

How to Stay Harder Longer

The first tricks will help you to erect harder while the second will help you to stay harder longer. It looks like our ancestors have figured it out long ago...

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