Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busted: 4 Myths on How to Last Longer in Bed

It is normal for guys to feel frustrated because of premature ejaculation. Worse, they are often misled by myths on how to last longer in Bed. Some of them are misconceptions, the others are just pure lies hyped up by advertiser to gain commercial advantages.

While these myths may seem harmless, they actually causes men to lose self confidence and further deteriorate their performance in bed.

So here are the top 4 myths on how to last longer in bed.

Number #4 - Pills are the best way to last longer in bed
Pill is a good way, not the only way and not the best way. Yes, pills can make you last for many hours. However, do you know that there is no medical proof for this? In other words, the effect differ from person to person. Furthermore, pills cannot be a long-term solutions to erection problem. Lastly, pills are extraordinarily expensive. Can you afford to finance your sex life if you need to rely on pills?

Number #3 - Last Longer by thinking about something else

This is an arguable one. Yes, it works for some men. However, what's the point of making love if you are not enduring it. This "distraction technique" may help in preventing you from reaching the climax too soon. There has to be better ways. You will lost your sex life very soon if you have to think about your high school maths class or her mom during sex.

Number 2 - There is no cure to Premature ejaculation

There many causes of premature ejaculation. Some can be caused by mental issues while the others can be caused by physical issues. Both can be cured once identified.

It has been proven over and over again that, in most cases, premature ejaculation can be cured true simple mental re-conditioning and education program. When it comes to sex, it is extremely easy for men to learn "new experience about ejaculation".

Number 1 - Anything below 2 minutes is premature ejaculation

You do not need to be Einstein to understand the theory of relativity. If you can bring your partner to orgasm in 2 minutes, then it's not premature ejaculation isn't it.

So what's the conclusion?

If you think you have problem in lasting longer in bed, then the first thing to understand is that the problem is not permanent. It can be reverse quickly.

Every man is different. Some techniques works better on one man than the others. Therefore, it's best that you experiment with a handful, and use the one that suit you most.

You can download and try the 7 techniques in "Unstoppable Stamina". I personally love the last one. Put it into practice and you will master the technique to last longer in bed.

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